Welcome to LoveMeTreatMe, a lifestyle blog, my little slice of the online world.

For those who ask about where the name of this blog comes from…it has a few meanings, to me. LoveMeTreatMe, is named for loving yourself, pushing yourself, but also treating yourself. Knowing there must be some type of gratification after hard work. Understanding that there is balance in all things…


LoveMeTreatMe started as an outlet, a window for some of my unused creativity that had been sitting collecting dust in my mind. Slowly, mixed with other things and life changes, it is evolving. It forces me to be more observant of my life, and how I do things and how different things effect me personally. In order to put it into content, I have to be able to put in words, to put it in words, you must analyze it. I have also found myself going out of my normal level of comfort, in order to create new content. It’s very, very cool.

So thank you all, for encouraging me by sharing, liking, and commenting my work! It is a truly a #community project, so thank you all for being a part of it!!

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